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Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Responds to Rey Being Called a Mary Sue

Following the theatrical release of the blockbuster hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens late last year, the world has been retaken by Star Wars fever all over again. With two more franchise film installments on the way in the forms of Episode VIII and Episode IX – not to mention the forthcoming anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story due out this December and […]

Edge of Tomorrow Director Doug Liman to Helm Unearthed Adaptation

Filmmaker Doug Liman has been a key mover and shaker in Hollywood ever since the theatrical release of his 1996 film Swingers – which was written by and starred Jon Favreau in one of his own early career highlights. Since that time, Liman’s career has seen him at the helm of a number of major franchise movies and […]

Fantastic Beasts U.S. Box Office Opening Weekend Predictions Arrive

During the 2000s, the Harry Potter film franchise was one of Warner Bros.’ most reliable cash cows, bringing in $7.7 billion collectively at the worldwide box office. Given the tremendous success the studio has had with the property, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they are in the midst of bringing it back with the […]

Fantastic Beasts Movie Screenplay is Being Published

It’s fair to say that most fans of the franchise that is J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World having been looking forward eagerly to the upcoming film release, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them proper. Rowling, who both created the Wizarding World and wrote the seven Harry Potter books that started it all, has also announced that plans are in motion for a grand […]

Ocean’s Eight Set Photos Tease Anne Hathaway’s Role in the Film

There is a modern trend of Hollywood mining established franchises to minimize the risk of a flop at the box office. Disney’s Tomorrowland is one example of a costly film ($190 million) based on an original idea that fell well short of recouping its production costs, further discouraging studios from bringing new properties to the big screen in […]

Doctor Strange Promo Will Turn Your World Upside-Down

Marvel’s Phase 3 continues this fall with Doctor Strange, which has already had its premiere in the U.K. and is earning positive reviews from critics. While some pundits believe that the film falls victim to the typical origin story tropes, many are in agreement that its visuals are extraordinary and worth the price of a 3D […]

Star Wars: Alden Ehrenreich on his ‘Surreal’ Career & Playing Han Solo

When Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney back in in 2012, they not only committed to a brand new Star Wars trilogy but also announced that there would be a series of spin-off movies set in the same timeline.The first of those spinoffs, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is set for release later this year. The second of […]

Avengers: Infinity War Working Title Revealed

It’s common for movies to be produced under a working title, a code name that is often meant to disguise the production or act as a placeholder for the movie’s real title before it is determined. Avengers: Infinity War, on the other hand, is already known as the name of the highly anticipated sequel, but […]

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